The Easiest Way to Stop Donald Trump

Charles Karel Bouley AKA Karel
4 min readAug 23, 2022

Donald Trump is banned from Twitter, and owns his own social media platform, Truth Social. But one would never know it. Because one browse through the Twitterverse and his messages are quoted, screen captured and disseminated by more people than if he were back on the platform himself.

Not one news cast in the United States can go without talking about him for more than two stories.

Every major politician addresses him, either to condemn or edify, and nightly talk shows lead with puns or jokes about him.

He has truly won.

He is, in fact, the most notable, quotable, and popular man alive; and thus the most dangerous.

Now, he’s not doing anything but trying to avoid going to jail for his multiple crimes; nope, he doesn’t even have a really great publicist because like lawyers, none will work with him. No, he simply needs to get up, be himself, bloviate on his platform, and respond to the multiple fangless attacks by this-or-that law enforcement against him; attacks that carry great bluster but as to date, carry no consequences for him.

He has truly gotten away with everything as of August 23, 2022. He’s rich, as he uses his crimes to fundraise and gets millions, the only billionaire that asks for money and people send it. While most of us would be in jail for just one of his offenses, Reality Winner sat in jail for years for releasing one document that proved Russian interference in support of Trump, and today we’ve learned Trump had 300 classified documents at his cheap hotel. If he were Black, poor, middle-class, a woman, gay, Hispanic, anything but a privileged White man, he’d be in jail. But under all his orange he is still White, and rich, and that keeps him safely in his suite.

So what to do? Well, since Congress, Senate, FBI, CIA, local law enforcement, DA’s, State’s Attorneys General, since no one really is doing, or going , to do anything, the best advice for the world?

Ignore him. Completely. Not one news story about him. Not one Tweet. Ignore anyone that supported him, from crazy Marjorie to Babbling Bobert, from Josh on the Go to travelin’ Ted, just stop quoting them, posting about them, commenting on them, condemning them, being angry at them, just stop.

Think about it. How many other stories are there to talk about in the news? Biden had one of the best first two years of any President, you’d never know. Climate change is turning in to an extinction level event, and we’re the things that are going to to extinct, and you’d never really know. European rivers are literally running dry, the Danube, The Rhine, and what do we talk about?

Donald Trump. Or what his stance on it all was or is.

This column won’t stop that. If I, myself, completely stop talking about him on my show, in print, in my personal life, it won’t matter.

Because he’s got the world right where he wants it. He has truly grabbed it by the p**sy and it must like it because the world keeps making him relevant.

You want to beat Donald Trump and his entire cabal?

Stop talking about them, stop putting them on TV, Radio, in podcasts, on social media. Let the news report when or if they are indicted or going to jail and let them in your life as much as you let any other criminal family.

But neither you, nor the media, nor the world will do that, on the contrary, it’s 24/7 Trumpville.

And he loves it. He loves every bit of the attention you heap upon him, even the criticism. Because he’s a narcissist and to him it’s always about him.

And two years after office, it still is.

He’s won. Unless we all stop.

And we won’t. So welcome to the Trump Party (the GOP is actively calling themselves Trump Party instead of Republican Party) and welcome to years more of him dominating your lives.

Even from jail, if he speaks, it will get covered. If his family is arrested, their books will sell more copies.

Because humans have never been able to turn away from some things even if it means their demise.

And in the battle of Trump v. Civilized Society, Trump is winning.

Daily. Hourly. By the minute.

Because everyone must talk about him. I guess given this editorial, even me.

We all stand guilty and he stands free.



Charles Karel Bouley AKA Karel

Karel is a history making entertainer, broadcaster, author and journalist. He is seen weekly on Free Speech TV and heard daily at